DMEC joins forces with The European Space Agency (ESA) to accelerate marine energy solutions. The partnership will explore the added value of space tech and data in the commercial and technical development of marine energy services and solutions. Space tech and data can play a key role in the acceleration of marine energy solutions and growth for the sector. Marine energy challenges provide space tech companies with insights to further build on ocean related business applications.

The partnership will explore the opportunities of space tech and data in the development of marine energy solutions, in the fields of logistics, operations & maintenance (O&M) activities, remote (environmental) monitoring and business case development including resource assessment, site selection and revenue forecasting.

As from 18 September the Marine Energy Tender for feasibility studies to assess the technical and economic viability of using space technology and data in support of marine energy is open for applications. The tender will give an unprecedented opportunity for downstream space companies and marine energy developers to work together to address marine energy challenges and support technical and business innovation for the marine energy sector powered by space. The tender will address key operational challenges across planning, logistics, efficiency and safety of operations. The studies will eventually establish a roadmap towards pilot projects that would start in 2021.

For more information on the Marine Energy Tender and how to apply, please click here, or contact Benjamin Lehner.

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