Marine energy can drive the energy transition by unlocking the largest source of renewable energy available on earth. Policies stimulating the implementation of marine energy solutions are essential to optimise performance, assess environmental impact and reduce costs of marine energy solutions allowing uptake into the renewable mix. To be able to develop such policies, the potential of marine energy as well as the lessons learned from other relevant sectors need to be taken into account.

DMEC works closely with Ocean Energy Europe (OEE), Ocean Energy Systems (OES) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to highlight the potential of the marine energy sector through publications and presentations at a broad variety of conferences and events. We guide policy development through facilitating stakeholder engagement and initiating cross-sectoral collaborations with innovators in the fields of water, sea defense, deltatech and space.

"Over 6 years of collaboration, DMEC has proven itself as a strong partner, highly regarded by the ocean energy industry and as motivated to assist in its development as we are!"


Rémi Gruet

CEO Ocean Energy Europe (OEE)