Identify solutions

DMEC works with a wide variety of marine energy technologies and has hands-on experience with testing and demonstrating performance. Based on this experience, we are well positioned to support organisations in their search for a suitable marine energy solution based on their expressed interest. This can be utilities aiming for green and balanced electricity networks, governments seeking to integrate smart solutions in their civil structures or ports and offshore companies looking for ways to make their operations more sustainable.

Explore suitability

We assess local characteristics, conditions and requirements for deployment and match these with the specs of potentially interesting marine energy technologies. The results provide insights into the available resource, the potential business case, as well as the opportunities and risks from a technical, environmental and financial perspective.

Realise solutions

A sustainable future requires building new connections across sectors, disciplines and regions around a shared purpose and vision. To implement marine energy solutions, we build strategic international collaborations and public private partnerships, and align groups of crucial stakeholders consisting of technology developers, policy makers, project developers, offshore companies, research institutes and investors.

"DMEC thinks in solutions, not in problems or processes"


Eric van den Eijnden

CEO Tidal Bridge