To optimise the energy system, energy hubs and islands are planned in several countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and the United Kingdom. These hubs & islands feature the interconnection to other countries and between different offshore assets, a working space for engineers and technicians, several energy sources, harbor space for installation, operation & maintenance vessels and other features.

In energy islands all assets are strongly interconnected in one physical space (e.g. Denmark) while in hubs several existing assets or platforms are forming an interconnected and co-dependent network (e.g. The Netherlands) without one large island structure.

What we offer

We explore various technology options which form the basis of energy islands & hubs and the energy system effects of those together with partners. Our techno-economic MultiORE model can be used to understand the interaction and business case of various energy assets inside the island or hub.

Our expertise on life cycle assessment (LCA) and circularity can help in choosing materials and innovations to decrease the carbon footprint and make the whole system more nature-inclusive. To identify the best technologies for future energy islands and hubs, we provide insights and overview of the innovations in the offshore renewable energy sector.

For more information, please contact Koen Donkers or Ewa Spiesz.