Around the world major utility companies are taking part in large-scale renewable energy projects, driving down costs and increasing the amount of renewable electricity supplied to regional grids. Marine energy generates clean, predictable and reliable electricity that is easily accessible from many densely populated areas and major utility grids near coastlines and along large rivers. The first multi-device deployments are realised, paving the way for large-scale marine energy farms.

When rolling-out offshore energy infrastructure and building new marine energy parks, great importance has to be put on nature-inclusive development and enhancing biodiversity. Offshore installations can have positive effects on the local environment and can support biodiversity restoration. Examples of such nature-inclusive designs include creating artificial reefs, supporting responsible aquaculture or reoxygenation of oxygen deficient zones.

What we offer

We work with core innovations in the marine energy as well as nature-inclusive design sector bringing them together at an early stage and helping them to co-develop in mature businesses.

A full understanding of the life-cycle-assessment (LCA) and circularity helps to quantify the greenhouse-gas emission and raw material flow impacts of offshore energy parks. Our expertise on this helps in choosing materials and innovations to decrease the carbon footprint and make the whole system more nature-inclusive.

Our techno-economic MultiORE and GROWTH models can be used to understand the market size, interaction and business case of various energy assets inside these future parks.

For more information, please contact Ewa Spiesz or Yuki Esser.