In cooperation with NLinBusiness, we offer the opportunity to experience offshore renewable energy solutions in virtual reality. In our new video 'Multi-use at the North Sea', as part of the EU-SCORES project, we showcase combining offshore wind with wave energy (CorPower Ocean) and offshore solar energy (Oceans of Energy). By combining these renewable energy sources in multi-source offshore energy parks, offshore space will be used more efficiently and a resilient and cost-effective 100% renewable energy system can be achieved.

Do you want to experience our video in virtual reality? You are welcome at our office in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. You can also take a look at our events agenda to see where we will be presenting our VR Experience next.

This VR Experience is part of The Virtual Gateway to the Netherlands, a virtual showcase of Dutch integrated solutions for global challenges. For more information, please visit Virtual Gateway to the Netherlands.


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