Our experiences in The Netherlands have shown us that proactive governments can accelerate the energy transition. Besides advancing policy with breakthrough technological innovations, we believe that these underlying policy frameworks and accumulated expertise are worth sharing internationally.

Formulating optimal offshore renewable energy strategies will be key to our green transition. Already, we have seen exciting long-term goals for deploying offshore renewable energy, such as:

  • Floating wind, wave, solar and multi-source energy zones in Ireland, Belgium and Portugal
  • National targets for marine energy in Spain, Portugal and China
  • Ring-fenced feed-in-tariffs and grant schemes for marine energy in U.K., U.S.A and France
Science-based public affairs

We are committed to furthering science-led policy. The DMEC Code of Conduct provides us with the mandate to disseminate science-based strategic policy advice to the Dutch government and Parliament on strategic issues that are likely to have significant long-term social and political consequences. This approach aims to increase the engagement of scientists, researchers and policy makers in order to improve knowledge sharing, methods and policies.

We collaborate intensively with international governments, in particular Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Portugal, and are open for further collaborations to advance the offshore renewable energy strategies around Europe.

For more information about our public affairs activities, please contact Sander des Tombe.