Deep Dives

In our quarterly Deep Dives for our Community, we share knowledge & ideas and explore topics related to offshore renewable energy. Want to be invited? Please sign up for our Community here. As a Community…

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Nautical SUNRISE Project Kick-Off

4 March 2024: Nautical SUNRISE project to facilitate research and development of the largest offshore floating solar power plant in the world The Nautical SUNRISE project is set to support the world's…

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11 March 2024: MARINERG-i shapes the future of offshore renewable energy testing facilities in Europe The world is facing a significant shift in all aspects of energy supply and the vast potential of offshore…

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BLUE-X Project Kick-Off

27 February 2024: Harvesting Earth Observation data for offshore renewables: BLUE-X project kicked off to speed up the energy transition. Seven European partners, including offshore renewable energy and…

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VR 'Multi-use at the North Sea'

In cooperation with NLinBusiness, we offer the opportunity to experience offshore renewable energy solutions in virtual reality. In our new video 'Multi-use at the North Sea', as part of the EU-SCORES…

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To accelerate offshore renewable energy solutions, we place great value on collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our community brings together offshore renewable energy stakeholders to cooperate and share…

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For Corporates & Investors

Following offshore renewable energy targets and ambitious climate goals, corporates and investors are increasingly looking into offshore renewable energy solutions. Within our Corporate Partnership Program,…

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