Multi-source offshore renewable energy parks will play an important role in our emerging renewable energy system. By combining offshore renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar energy, more efficient use can be made from the available space. Next to producing carbon-free electricity, the energy generated locally off the coast in multi-source energy parks increases energy independence and security. More efficient use of the electrical infrastructure can be made and the electricity supply is more continuous, both of which will reduce the overall system costs.

Energy multi-use can be implemented in wind parks that have already been tendered or in those just in planning. Other uses such as aquaculture and nature can also be integrated in multi-source offshore parks. Increasingly, these aspects are included in new offshore wind park tenders.

What we offer

We provide broad expertise on energy parks combining one or more energy sources with and without various storage or power-to-X applications, including:

  • Accelerator services: we help the most promising offshore renewable energy innovations to advance in their multi-source energy parks.

  • Project modelling: our techno-economic model (MultiORE) can be used to calculate the energy system cost, security of supply as well as the rough business case of such a park. Also, we work on the relevant standards.

  • Policy innovation: to enable offshore energy multi-use, we advise governments on setting up policy innovations.

For more information, please contact Aida Sutopo or Anton Schaap.