As experts in sustainable offshore energy innovations, we provide a broad range of services to technology companies. We have collaborated with more than 130 companies in the sector to provide commercial and technology development support. As an accelerator and knowledge hub, we support companies based on our deep insight into the offshore renewable energy sector with tailored tools and services. With each one of these we aim to provide quantifiable data and to identify pathways to an efficient and impactful innovation trajectory.

Some of our services include:

Testing and demonstration support

Demonstrating technologies offshore is one of the most crucial steps in improving and learning about a complex system. At the same time this real world demonstration creates strong confidence in stakeholders about the potential of an innovative technology. We support developers in finding the right test site for their renewable energy, offshore storage or nature positive design concepts. In addition we offer benchmarks and assessments to understand which type of demonstration is most suitable at the current development stage. In the most technical form, these result in a Technology Qualification process, with certification (according to IEC 62600-4) as its goal. In this structured approach we assess key risks and devise plans to achieve their retirement.

Company and commercial development

While an innovative technology lays at the core of nearly all companies in our accelerator, the commercial development plays just an important role. After and sometimes even before a successful demonstration a network of clients and partners is essential. For this reason we support developers at any stage in developing strong business models, commercialisation strategies and building relations with relevant markets. For this we provide market analyses and data, use case assessments and help in defining relevant KPIs. In addition we also provide business coaching, ranging from pitch training to business canvases and strategy development for SMEs.

Project modeling

In a number of models we translate our knowledge and expertise into clear use cases. Our goal is to develop quantifiable data on new concepts, such as integration of energy technologies in multi-use parks, off-grid solutions or storage combined projects. In our models we assess complementarity, market value, storage requirements and key business parameters to design offshore projects. With this we aim to support developers in sharpening their business cases as well as market assessments.

For more information: please contact Simon Stark.