In the ever-changing world of offshore renewable energy policy and regulations, we are a trusted partner for policy makers. Our comprehensive service portfolio offers three thoughtfully designed levels of engagement, providing adaptability and fleĀ­xibility to cater to the distinct preferences of your policy authority.

Within (international) projects, we can assist policy authorities in different project stages on concrete policy innovations and external communications. In terms of content, the following services can be provided both in (international) projects or on an assignment basis.


We go beyond market and trend reports and provide you with all you need to be thoroughly aware about the innovations, potential and constraints which are relevant to your policy context. Possible products include deep dives and policy impact scans.

Staying informed

Our experts provide you with a front-row seat in ongoing developments. Early knowledge of technological or policy innovations can enable you to leverage them to their advantage, creating new opportunities for innovation and market growth. Possible products include monthly monitoring and topic-driven intelligence gathering.

Shape to thrive

Well-tailored policy instruments allow offshore renewable energy innovations to thrive. Our service provides relevant policy authorities with the process of co-creating a more stable and supportive business environment. Possible products include organising stakeholder meetings and developing a co-creation of roadmaps.

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